Venicem rebranding
A process of evolution

Venicem carries out a rebranding process expression of a 10 years evolution. Founded in 2013 by Massimo Tonetto and Melissa Lunardi, Venicem embarks on a rebranding that reflects its growth and consolidation in the context of international lighting and furnishing design. Placing its basis on Italian craftsmanship excellence, the company starts a new phase of

Coming soon in Milano
Durini Design District

Coinciding with its 10-year anniversary, Venicem is proud to announce the opening of its own showroom in Milano Durini Design District, with the company taking its place on the most important of international design stages. The creation of an exhibition space for Venicem’s own collections, furnishings, and lamps is a manifestation of their iconic essence,

Opening as a Passage
Euroluce 2023

“Opening as a Passage” is an invitation to explore a multifaceted world, which evolves from the shape of light and expands to furnishings, a multi-faceted concept that speaks of openness and discovery. This threshold introduces an exhibition and meeting place that celebrates Venicem’s 10 years in the field of international design. The new collection, unveiled