Process, Collections, Ambiences
The new Venicem catalog

Process, Collections, Ambiences is the new Venicem catalog.

The volume gathers all the brand’s lighting and furnishings collections. Opening with the creative process that lead to countless combinations of materials and shapes, the book enhances the working processes, the products, and Venicem spaces through three sections. 

In Process, matter takes shape by the act of working, assuming a defined identity; in Collections, Venicem series are presented by alternating product images and technical sheets. Products and spaces dialogue in Ambiences, giving life to intimate and authentic atmospheres, rich with emotional charges, like Venicem collections.

The catalog combines the careful planning of each chapter with functionality needs. The references between the Collections and Ambiences sections allow timely and rapid consultation of the collections and products presented.

Combining different inspirations, Process, Collections, and Ambiences contains all the essence of Venicem in its pages.

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