Venicem rebranding
A process of evolution

Venicem carries out a rebranding process expression of a 10 years evolution.

Founded in 2013 by Massimo Tonetto and Melissa Lunardi, Venicem embarks on a rebranding that reflects its growth and consolidation in the context of international lighting and furnishing design. Placing its basis on Italian craftsmanship excellence, the company starts a new phase of rediscovery and experimentation between primary forms and intensity of matter.

Through the new brand identity, designed by Ottone Studio, Venicem translates its vision into a unique and contemporary language that permeates all the aspects of the brand and displays the incessant research of a timeless design. An important element of this investigation is the material and its peculiarities that, enhanced during the manufacturing process, donate to the sculptural lamps and furniture distinct irregularities. 

The rebranding captures Venicem essence: reality of experimentation and constant change, that leans toward the future.